Name Info
Write a program contained in a single file named "" that reads a person's
full name from the keyboard in the format First Middle Last (all on one line).  The
program should then:

    (a) print each part of the name on a separate line,
    (b) print the person's initials on the fourth line,
    (c) print the first three letters of the person's middle name on the fifth line,
    (d) print the fourth character in the person's last name on the sixth line,
    (e) print the total number of characters in the person's full name, excluding
        spaces, on the seventh line, and
    (f) display the full name back to the user on the eighth line, but with every
        letter capitalized.

Assume that each name has exactly three parts, with no spaces or numbers or
punctuation within each part, that the names are separated from each other by a
single space, that there are no leading or trailing spaces, that the middle name
is at least three letters long, that the last name has at least four letters,
and that each of the three names starts with a capital letter.

You must read the names into three separate string variables using the 'next()'
method of the 'Scanner' class.  For (b) you must use the 'charAt()' method of the
'String' class, and for (c) and (d) you must use the 'substring()' method of the
'String' class.  For (e), use the 'length()' method of the 'String' class, and
for (f) use the 'toUpperCase()' String method.  After reading the three names,
you must create an additional string variable, set it equal to the person's full
name (with spaces), and then use that variable for (e) and (f).

You may not use any arrays or global variables for this assignment.  For this
program you may, if you wish, put all of your code into the 'main' method.  When
displaying the output, you should format it exactly as shown below.

Sample Output
Enter a three-part name (First Middle Last):  James Tiberius Kirk

Advanced Option
In addition to displaying the information described above, also have your
program display the number of occurrences (the frequency) of each non-space
letter in the name (ignoring case).  If you wish, you may use arrays to
implement this advanced option.